Dan Wowk


Dan Wowk


Company: ZoomMortgage.ca
Title: Mortgage Broker

Tagline: If you need a home loan don’t go it alone. I’ve got the plan, Dan the Mortgage Man.
Category: Residential Mortgages

Contact information:
905 847 0100




Dan Wowk is the Broker/Owner of Zoom Mortgage, serving all of Ontario and Alberta.

Dan provides a wide variety of mortgage loan services for consumers and businesses for residential and commercial properties.

Since Dan works for his clients and not the lenders, he is able to shop the entire market to ensure they are matched to the best lender and loan product for their individual needs. Mortgage lending has been subject to rapid changes in the past five years. It’s no longer practical for borrowers to self serve.

Dan brings over 25 years of experience in mortgage financing to bear on providing his clients with solutions best suited to their goals and circumstances. As Dan says, “If you need a home loan, don’t go it alone, I’ve
got the plan, call Dan the Mortgage Man”.

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