Digital Transformation of Accounting

Vinay Khosla

Staying on the cutting edge of new technology with initiatives in cloud migration and computing, Ai-powered auditing, analytics and cybersecurity have enhanced Bateman Mackay’s ability to interpret and report data more efficiently and safely than ever before. Digitally transforming a business means shifting away from manual processes in favour of technologically driven, automatic ones.

The end result is our professionals spend more time helping clients solve their most significant problems, providing direction beyond financial information.

Digitally Transforming Your Business

Digitized accounting solutions are helping to keep businesses focused on critical objectives through the utilization of integrated systems. Digitally reimagine your business with the following:

An Integrated Approach

As your trusted advisor the Bateman MacKay team overlooks a businesses full range of needs to provide higher levels of client service that encompass overall health and performance. Rather than focusing on individual technologies, change is driven through the integration of systems.

Data Accessibility with Cloud-Based Systems

Data is virtually accessible, through the cloud. The cloud analyzes and pulls data from multiple applications remotely, scaling up and down based on need. Such flexibility ensures that our team stays responsive to any queries while yours can collaborate.

Real-Time Decision Making

Real-time data made available through the cloud is critical when making accurate and timely decisions based on recent developments. Financial information is updated regularly and made accessible at any time.

Insight-Driven Analytics

Deriving insights from embedded analytics our accountants focus on larger, long term business implications, offering guidance for faster executive decision making.

AI-Powered Audits, Forecasting & Planning

Previously manually done work, limited a teams ability to analyze data real-time. Being constantly aware of your financial position using AI our experts assess patterns and identify opportunities efficiently and effectively. Day by day tax planning and forecasting occurs sooner to provide a clearer map toward business goals


Our cybersecurity team of dedicated professionals bring a depth of experience to every client relationship protecting all sensitive information.

Personalized & Strategic Advice

Our accountants and business advisors strive to deliver more personalized and strategic advice and counsel to clients as connections become ever-present and tasks are automated.

Driving Digital Transformation Together

As digital becomes all-encompassing, expect more from your business advisors.

Ultimately people, not technology, drive transformation. The next step in evolving your business processes starts with you. With Bateman MacKay find the necessary guidance to harness change and incorporate it into your business strategy.

The original article was published on website, on Sept 12, 2019.