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By: Octavian Nastase

In a land not far away there was a business man.

He planned to open 2 offices, one in Northville and one in Southville.

Because he heard that websites can be built cheap, he hired a young apprentice (aka somebody with not too much experience) to build the two websites.
Everybody was happy: the business man got 2 websites for the price of one (almost identical websites) and the developer got what he asked for.

The developer had a friend. Guess what? This person was a SEO (Search Engine Optimization). specialist.
The developer recommended this SEO specialist to the business man, who started to work for a ‘good price’.
The SEO specialist was very happy to provide monthly reports.

Time was passing by and even though the 2 offices were located in the Land of Opportunities, not too much business came from online world. It was like the 2 websites never existed.

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    In one lucky day, the business man met a professional internet marketing consultant, who was bringing a lot of results for his clients: good revenue from online marketing, better rankings and visibility, improved website online conversions.

    To make the story short, the consultant found out a lot of issues regarding how these websites were built, issues which were not helping at all the efforts (and the money) put into the SEO work.
    For example, that a lot of links from one website were directed visitors to the other website, creating a BIIIIIG confusion or the metatags being setup wrong and not at all.

    A lot had to be done to make sure the sites were set up right.

    When you apply the best practices in website optimizations (for search and conversion) the results will show up.
    In the above case, after 3 months of work, the new internet marketing consultant showed jumps in rakings of 4 or 5 pages.

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    CONCLUSION: CHEAP is not the solution for businesses with goal of growing.

    Keep in mind: KEY27 is in the business of Growing Your Business through Internet Marketing.
    The original article was published on website, on July 4, 2019.