How to Add Colour to your Décor like a Pro

By: Gabriele Pizzale

Do you want to learn how to use colour with confidence? Always start with inspirational pictures! Look at Pinterest or Houzz and select no more than 10 images that speak to you. Sometimes less is more here, as the more you collect the more overwhelmed you may become! Mood Board example from Pizzale Interior Design Oakville

Make a mood board and analyze why you are drawn to these photos. How have they used strong colour? You will find that in most cases the walls and large-scale pieces in the room remain neutral, and it is the little accents that shine with colour such as toss pillows and artwork.

Living room interior design Pizzale Interior Design Oakville

One specific colour is always the starting point. You need to narrow down no more than 3 colours you would like to highlight, then ensure that they are of the same value, (i.e. All pale or all bright), so that they balance each other out. The best case is finding a patterned fabric will all three colours to help tie them all together!

Living room design Pizzale Interior Design Oakville

Once you have your top colours chosen, pair a neutral with them. Neutrals always have a coloured undertone, that is what makes it so challenging to pick them.  Find a neutral, grey, taupe, or beige that compliments your colour story and use that on the walls and larger furniture pieces. 

How to Add Colour to your Décor like a Pro

You can bring bright colours in with toss cushions, accent chairs, accessories, and drapery to name a few things. This is a great way to add colour as it is not a big investment if you want to change your scheme in the future. Have fun and experiment!  

Try these tips and you will be empowered to go beyond the neutrals!

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