I Need an Aggressive Lawyer!

By: Omer Chaudhry

You would be surprised to hear how many of our calls start with “I need an aggressive lawyer.” People going through divorce often are in the middle of a highly charged conflict. It is natural to respond with anger and aggression. It should come as no surprise that this is not the best approach toward litigation – at least not for the client.

Experience counsel can usually see the trajectory of a file well in advance. The reality is that in Ontario litigation costs can vary greatly depending on your approach to litigation. The Rules allow for all kinds of options when in litigation. Not all of those are necessary for all cases even if the specific options are available. What a client needs is senior counsel who knows all the options/tools that exist and knows when to use them.

Litigators by nature are aggressive but the goal is not to be aggressive for the sake of being aggressive but rather to be aggressive as needed. The goal is to have an approach towards efficiently and expediently getting to the desired results.

Litigation is taxing for litigants, not only from a cost perspective but also from a mental health perspective. Often our clients can make much more productive (and lucrative) use of their time. We excel at helping our clients achieve their goals while keeping the overall objective in mind.

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