Jennifer Estall CFP, CLU, CHS

Life Insurance & Living Benefits

Jennifer Estall CFP, CLU, CHS


Company: WSC Financial Solutions Inc.
Title: Advisor & Managing Partner of WSC Financial Solutions Inc.

Tagline: Providing Wealth, Security & Confidence.
Category: Life Insurance & Living Benefits


Jennifer is a Managing Partner of WSC Financial Solutions Inc. Her focus is creating life insurance and living benefits solutions for individuals and businesses. Jennifer helps to preserve lifestyles in the event of an unexpected medical event, such as a serious injury or unexpected illness, disability, or death. She has access to a wide variety of insurance solutions to custom design a plan to protect families as their needs evolve. For businesses, Jennifer possesses the tools and expertise to design and deliver tailored employee benefit packages for workforces, as well as key-man protection and buy-sell funding for shareholder agreements. Jennifer’s passion is to ensure her clients have financial protection in the event of non-controllable circumstances. As a partner in WSC Financial Solutions, Jennifer has access to leaders in all aspects of financial planning and estate preservation to serve virtually anyone with income and assets to protect.

Client testimonial:

When I first met Jennifer, the timing was perfect. My previous Life Insurance Advisor had recently decided to switch companies with short notice. This left me a feeling a little uncomfortable. Why? Well yes, I’m an Insurance Broker by profession, but the Life side of insurance is still very foreign to me. Especially the coverage my girlfriend and I have, Critical Illness Insurance. We still didn’t really have a complete understanding of what exactly we were covered for. After meeting Jennifer, I soon asked if she wouldn’t mind not only taking a look at our small policy, but also becoming our Advisor. She welcomed us with open arms!

It didn’t take much time for Jennifer to track down my file, which apparently hadn’t been taken over or even looked at. Nearly days after having my file in her hands, we were sitting face to face in her office. The turn around was amazing. We spent a little bit of time running through our coverage’s, benefits, what we could add etc. it was an extremely informative yet simple meeting. What really stuck out the most was her patience. No, I wasn’t asking silly questions or going off topic. But the time and focus she put toward me.

Let’s remember, I have a very small Critical Illness Policy. A “Here’s what you have, here’s what you pay, see you on renewal” type of policy, or at least that’s how I see it. Jennifer made us feel as though we were mature clients with extensive life policies and had been clients for years. I admire Jennifer’s ability to respond to questions with efficiency and detail. Jennifer has really made us feel comfortable from day one, and for that, we will always be grateful of her services!

Rob R – Hamilton

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