John Harper


John Harper



John Harper, Managing Director, The John Harper Group Inc.

Company: The John Harper Group Inc.

Title: Managing Director


Category: Human Resources


John Harper is a People Strategist. John specializes in seeing way beneath an individual’s veneer to identifying an individual’s core behavioral attributes that engage people and drive performance; More specifically, John looks closely at concentration skills and interpersonal attributes which are seen as building blocks upon which complex human behaviours depends.

John’s toolbox of over 20 years of leadership and employee assessments will stop the hire-fire-hire-leave cycle, change the way you select talent, and help you build strong, focused leaders and dynamic teams that will propel your company forward.

Picture it! The right people strategically positioned in roles meant for them. Agile teams working in alignment, collaboratively and creatively. Senior leadership crushing performance goals. My client proven approach saves time, shortens the decision process, ends the exhaustive cycle of missed hires, and pays off faster than you can say, “Welcome to the team.”

John’s client groups include CPG, Pharmaceutical, Crown Corporations, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Health Care, Police Services and City Governments to mention a few.

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