Creating success through networking

The most successful referral networking group in Halton (in value per seat)

Creating success through networking

The most successful referral networking group in Halton (in value per seat)

Over $1,7 mil in value of the business referred, in the last 12 months! (as March 2022)

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As far as a Independent business man this is the best decision that I have made with helping my business grow, the quality referrals that I receive from my BNI Partners he helped me grow my clientele, I can’t overstate how important this is if you happen to now any person who owns a business and is interested in growing there’s please have them contact me: Donnie Casselman All-Risks Insurance

Donnie Casselman All-Risks Insurance.

I have opened the door to success with my decision to join this powerful BNI Chapter. The true dedication, loyalty to each other and complete resolve to strive for the ultimate in business practices is a testimony of each member in our Chapter. It is truly a pleasure associating with such a great group of professionals!

Vironica Pagel Door to success!

BNI Business Exchange provides me with a great network of reliable business people to add value to my clients. They in turn refer clients to me and help me grow my business.

Paul Bretton Great Network.

I was looking to expand my business and I needed your Help!!! Since joining BNI over 2 years ago , this group has helped me grow tremendously , in 3 different way's. First it brought me referrals, secondly our group of 20 professionals has helped me to help my clients in other fields that I wouldn't be able to by providing professional information and service that they maybe seeking, while Thirdly " personally " knowing that my clients where being given the up most respect and advice. So who wouldn't want to do business this way ?? All-Risks Insurance The BNI Moto Giver's Gain

Donnie Casselman The BNI Moto Giver's Gain

Great way to start a Tuesday; meeting with like minded business owners to help each other grow!

Jennifer Estall What a day!

For me, there are 3 "values" in my BNI Chapter (in no particular order): 1. I get business. a couple dozen people are looking for business referrals for me; 2. I learn about an industry or a practice that I may not be familiar with; and 3. I am a 'value-added' lawyer to my clients. When they contact me for a referral, I have people that I trust that I can introduce my client to. My clients appreciate the assistance.

Hussein Hamdani My BNI Chapter.

BNI business exchange has helped me grow my business and take it to the next level through referrals and networking with a group of professionals.

Karen Easlick BNI helped me.

Vital to anyone looking to grow their business.

Vinay Khosla Most vital!