Maggie Perotin

Business Advisor

Maggie Perotin


Business Advisor

Maggie Perotin Business Coach Oakville

Company: Stairway to Leadership


Tagline: Make Money & Become a Great Leader of Your Business

Category: Business Advisor

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Diamond Effect Podcast


Does this happen to you?

You don’t see the clients and income you would like to although you are busy all the time; You think you don’t have enough time to grow your business; You feel overwhelmed by trying to do “all of the things” and not seeing much results; You procrastinate, unable to start anything or drive things to completion;

There are many reasons that create such symptoms, as when I work with my clients we get to the bottom of all of them, fix them and eliminate the root causes.

As a business coach, passionate about my clients’ lasting success, I’m not a fan of band aid solutions. So finding the root cause and working to get results by eliminating it, is my way of coaching.

As an international business and leadership coach Maggie Perotin gives service-based entrepreneurs clarity and tools to exceed their business goals and transform into high-performing CEOs of their business.

Through her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, Maggie helps her clients align their mindset, business strategy and high-performance habits to transform their business from unreliable source of income to a client attracting gem.

Maggie is a host of the Diamond Effect podcast.

She has over 13 years of coaching and leadership experience. She holds an Executive MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute.

Maggie Perotin lives in Canada, Toronto area, with her blended family with 4 kids. She loves spending time in nature, traveling, reading, dancing and good food.

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