Moody & Modern – A Master Suite Transformation – Oakville, Ontario

By: Gabriele Pizzale

Your bedroom should come from a place of comfort and serenity.

During these hard times, it is so important to take a step back from the world around you and find time to unwind and remove all the negativity collected in your mind.

When her clients approached her about renovating their master bedroom and bathroom, Gabriele Pizzale, of Pizzale Design Inc., wanted to create a space of relaxation, while bringing the space into the 21st century.

modern bedroom interior design Oakville

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    modern bedroom interior design Oakville

    Not afraid of deep and moody wall colours in the bedroom, Pizzale’s own master bedroom is wrapped in a luscious plum, the client also didn’t shy away from a dark navy for the walls.

    Keeping the custom upholstered bed, floor-to-ceiling vertical-tufted headboard, decorative nightstands, and custom dresser lighter in tone, it created the perfect balance between light and dark.

    Always trying to find ways to create harmony in a space, Pizzale insured that the vertical-tufting of the headboard was replicated in some other way in the room.

    Creating a vertical slat accent wall behind the dresser and wall mounted TV was the perfect match.

    Keeping the dresser’s drawer-style a thin, 1” shaker allowed for the dark painted slat wall directly behind it to remain the focal point and still keep a balanced feel.

    Creating a master ensuite that was filled with natural materials was a must to compliment the overall master suite.

    A window in the room allowed for natural light to flood the interior, so keeping with lighter toned walls, cabinetry, and tiles with a slight patina look gave this bathroom a softened feel, contrast to the main bedroom space.

    Installing the dark, geometric shaped marble tile as an accent in the shower, and giving the mirror and sconces a matte black finish, gave the room that modern kick and created a touch of contrast within the space.

    Giving the white oak vanity a thick, vertical fluted quartz countertop edge created that repeated balance from the master bedroom.

    modern bathroom interior design Oakville
    modern bathroom interior design Oakville

    At Pizzale Design Inc. we create liveable luxury for busy clients who care about design and value a seamless renovation, custom home, or commercial project.

    Gabriele Pizzale wants to live in a world where the spaces she designs reflect the people who enjoy them, perfectly tailored down to the last detail.

    The most important outcome of every project is that it brings her client joy.

    Her meticulous detail is always evident, as is her talent for mixing colours and patterns to create perfectly curated spaces.

    Her bespoke designs can be seen in homes and commercial spaces across the Greater Toronto Area.

    Gabriele Pizzale
    Interior Design Residential/Commercial
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