Type of online conversions and the Report about the website visitors

By: Octavian Nastase

Scenario: you are a business owner or an executive. One of your main responsibilities is to bring more business from new or old customers (you upsell or cross-sell).

You have a website you are using to market your product / services. You also have a marketing budget. A big part of this budget is to find qualified visitors and get them to visit your website.

Nothing special here. This is a normal state of business.

Online conversions and the Report

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Online conversions and the Report

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

What’s happening next?

Of course, as any responsible business person, you want to know how this budget is spent and you want to collect as many leads as possible and / or online clients (if you have an e-commerce website).

Sometimes getting a lead means just an email address, sometimes (if you have an attractive offer) you might get a name and a phone number or even a message with more details about the request. These things are good. You have something to work with now, sending follow up emails, email campaigns or just calling back.

The next phase would be to move these visitors from the Lead status into the Client status. Congratulations.

Another important phase in the life of a decision maker is the analysis of the work done.

Monthly, quarterly or yearly you can have a handy few KPIs which will show you progress, values and will help you answering the questions: “Which marketing tactic was (the most) successful? Where should I invest my marketing budget in the next period?”.

Your internet marketing consultant or online marketing specialist can help you answer these questions.

Here is what a marketing agency like KEY27 Marketing, Oakville, can do for you. For example, what about giving you a list of visitors you had on your website (disclaimer: the list will not contain ALL the website visitors)?

This list can contain:
– Name of the visitor
– Name of the company
– Email of the visitor
– Phone number(s)
– Date and time
– Duration of the visit
– The source

I hear your comment: they didn’t submit this info so why I would consider this a lead?
– Instead of calling these visitors a lead, I would call them ‘interested parties’.
– Now, what are these interested parties are doing?
– If they came from Organic Searches’ this means they used keywords to search on Google or other search engines for your products / services. They have shown an interest in you.
– Even if they came from a ‘Direct Source’ this means they remembered or had your domain name saved. This is yet another sign of interest.
– Now, what if I tell you these interested parties were staying on your site for more than 2 minutes? Would you consider them interested in you?

Based on all of the above, my 21 years of working experience with people tell me there is a good level of interest showed in you by these visitors.

This is enough proof that you need to work with your online marketing expert(s) to set up a plan to reach to these ‘interested parties’ and further move them to leads / clients’ status.
Good luck and let me know if you have questions.

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