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Stefanie Carroll



Steve Smith, President, Pure Water 4U Burlington

Company: Excelerates Spreadsheet Solutions

Title: Excel Whisperer

Tagline: Excelerate your business.

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Do you ever find yourself buried in the details of Excel spreadsheets, wondering how this aligns with the passion that led you to start your business? Well, I started my business because, for me, Excel isn’t just a tool; it’s a playground where I find joy in the intricate dance of formulas and functions.

For many businesses, Excel is a necessary but often tedious and repetitive part of operations. Tasks like importing reports, copying, pasting, sorting, and manual data entry can be a time-consuming chore. That’s where I step in. With over 30 years of corporate experience, I bring more than just Excel proficiency; I understand business language, needs, and challenges.

I optimize efficiency and effectiveness, turning Excel challenges into enjoyable processes. I don’t just provide a spreadsheet; I deliver a ‘solution’ that saves you hours of time, ensures accuracy and provides information for informed decision-making.

I have assisted clients struggling with:

  • Cluttered or excessive data preventing trend identification and decision-making.
  • Inefficient internal processes that waste time.
  • Ideas for improvement but lacking the time or expertise for implementation.
  • Complex or multi-step report creation processes.
  • Third-party app-generated reports unsuitable for client presentation.
  • Challenges in organizing data and information effectively.
  • Automating and simplifying quote processes
  • Effective management of costs.
  • Overcoming difficulties with outdated, hard-to-clean-up spreadsheets.
  • Simplifying and cleaning up processes before handing off to a new hire.
  • Wearing too many hats, leading to stress.
  • A love-hate relationship with Excel – needing it but hating the complexity.

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