Steven Holman

Business Brokerage

Steven Holman

Business Brokerage

Keith Murray, owner ProLogic Comfort, Burlington and Hamilton

Company: Martel Commercial Realty Inc., Brokerage

Title: Broker

Tagline: When you need a professional who knows what its worth

Category: Business Brokerage

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Steven Holman leverages years of lending, banking, strategic planning and finance/ accounting to bring business brokerage services to buyers and sellers of operating companies. He believes that companies with EBITDA under $500,000 are an underserved market and enjoys helping these enterprises and those wishing to purchase them.

Steven understands that operating businesses are not commodities and every offering is unique. He has developed an approach that starts well before the sale to help the business owner assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business with respect to the sale. He will help the business owner(s) gather the right team of professionals to ensure the best price, terms and probability of success.

Business valuations are key part of sale and Steven will prepare a valuation which will highlight the various aspects driving value.

Most of all Steven understands that buying or selling a business is stressful, and his approach is calm, cheerful, persistent and knowledgeable.

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